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A fresh new guide on getting the most out of your bathroom

A fresh new guide on getting the most out of your bathroom. View the Full Article Here .

Some bathrooms are boring, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. Here’s a little inspiration for your next remodel โ€” 5 design ideas a little off the beaten path that are sure to give your bathroom a beautiful, unique look.

1. Vintage fixtures.
I wouldn’t quite say that they’ve made a comeback yet, but I’ve seen colorful vintage fixtures (like the green sink above) crop up in a few contemporary bathrooms lately. In a mostly white space, they feel cheerful and surprisingly modern. And you can be certain that your bathroom won’t look quite like anybody else’s.

2. Boldly patterned tile.
Carry a high-impact tile across the floor and up the wall(s) for an especially memorable space.

3. Vintage furniture.
Mixing in vintage furniture โ€” either as a vanity or as extra storage โ€” will give your bathroom a unique, old-world feel.

4. Wallpaper.
Wallpaper in a bathroom is an unusual choice, but the right pattern (like these trompe l’oeil books) can really make a space.

5. Colorful fixtures.
These colorful faucets and taps, spotted on Freunde von Freunden (and made by Vola) make for a bathroom that’s playful, unexpected, and also unforgettable.